How does it work?

Add Contacts

  • Manage individual contacts or contact groups
  • Create as many groups as you needed
  • Import your contacts/groups from excel files

Create your messages

  • Record your audio messages from your desktop or use Text2Speech to generate them.
  • Input your text messages or import them from an excel file.
  • Build landing pages and send them in the text messages

Send and Analyze

  • Schedule the campaign for now or later.
  • Gather your user’s feedback through call to actions.
  • Analyze and retarget your campaign with powerful statistics.

SMS Messaging

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes and SMS read rate is 98%, compared to just 22% for email.

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Landing Pages

Go4Clients provides a free Landing Page builder so you can send customized landing pages within a SMS.

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IVR (interactive voice response) allows you to interact with your customer with a phone call using a simple keypress

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Just upload, or create/personalize the audio using Text2Speech, select the contacts and send the campaign

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